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A Quick Trip to Bar Harbor | A Mother & Son Summer Adventure | Maine Family Photographer

One of my goals this year was to share a little more personal stuff | adventures etc.  So here I am trying in the midst of my busy season. Summer is such a wonderful time for families to get together, for perfectly lit photographs but for a Maine photographer it is a wild trip.  Family and friend time is limited for me during these summer months, so I always try to plan a special trip with each kid. I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph an engagement session mid week in Bar Harbor seen here. The couple instantly said,”hey bring your kids!”  We will have a puppy and a dog, plus we love kids… I have only brought my son to one other photo shoot (who is a long term friend, so I knew if he freaked she would have been ok with it, but he rocked it.)  So needless to say I was a little nervous but decided why the heck not! Knowing that Emily, the beautiful lady seen in the photos, is a teacher, I knew she had to have an idea on how a 4 year old boy would act.


I was so excited to bring  Rourke to one of Maine’s most beautiful spaces. It was wonderful to do during mid week as well. There was not a lot of tourists so that was a bonus! We splurged and got a hotel room with an outdoor pool. (anyone who knows Rourke, knows that hotels are his favorite thing ever and asks weekly to go to one- hahaha) We got ice cream, shopped, had dinner, went for a hike, and even had a tour in a B-17. I had such a great time bonding with this amazing kid. I wish nothing but so much joy in his life and can only hope for him to remain as awesome as he is. He is a 4 year old with grit, whit, creativity, imagination, kindness, love, and goofiness who sometimes struggles with peer relationships and sharing but who doesn’t?!?


Love you Rourkie so proud of you every day.


Love Momma.



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