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The W Family| Newborn Studio Session| Freeport, Maine Family Photographer

It was such a treat having this family in my studio! I have been photographing them since this proud big sister was 6 months old! This sweet newborn was a dream to photograph. She was cozy and sleepy the whole time (that rarely happens)

We had a blast keeping things light, airy and simple. Thank you for allowing me to capture this special moment in time!>


Love & Joy


this family was rocking the toddler and newborn combo! Boy do I remember those days! I found these fun tips managing both from Baby Center . I used some, but truthfully you do what you gotta do to survive and sleep as much as possible 🙂

Here are the tips I like the best from the post, and ones I practiced as well and still juggling.

“Find a routine that works

“It’s an adjustment at first. Really, it’s all about making a new norm. My kids are a little over two years apart. I saw a few good ideas on how to help transition kids. Make a feeding basket for the older child, and when you’re feeding the baby bring out this basket with things your other child would like (coloring, a baby doll, special snacks) but only let her have the basket when the baby is eating. Have her get things like diapers and cream for you, if she is able to. Give her a baby doll to hold when you are doing something for the new baby. I think the hardest thing for me was the guilt of dividing my time. But it’s all temporary.”
A BabyCenter member

“Let the house go. You don’t have to vacuum or clean up much unless it’s hazardous. You can use paper plates for the next month and buy frozen lasagnas so you don’t have to make as many meals. It’s also okay to have cereal for dinner now and then. (Kids usually love it!) It will pay off more if you put 20 minutes into connecting with your older kids instead of cleaning up your house. I find activities for the other kids to do and attend to the one child that needs me. I also always make some time just for me, even if it’s at 11:00 at night. Some people need time to think, alone, every day.”
A BabyCenter member

Stay in your toddler’s world

“It’s really helpful to get a sling. Then your baby can sleep a lot and nurse almost automatically while you can still talk and walk and play a bit with your toddler. Remember that your newborn’s needs are more basic, so if she’s fed and held and changed, she’ll be okay. ”
A BabyCenter member

“Get out of the house as much as you can. I always ask myself, ‘Where does my toddler feel good about herself?’ and then go there. We found a great mommy & me class where her role as a big sister was encouraged, went to the park a lot (baby slept in stroller or friends helped supervise my toddler), and took walks in a nature preserve where she could run around and see animals. I wish I hadn’t focused so much on the baby those first months because she doesn’t know the difference, whereas my older daughter was so hurt and jealous about having to share my attention.”


Keep it in perspective

“I was always particular about keeping my house spotless. Now with two little ones, it’s constantly a mess, but I’ve learned to look at it from the perspective that time flies even faster with the second kid, and they won’t be this little forever! I just do my chores when I can and shower when they go to bed. It’s definitely a crazy ride, and it can be hard for sure, but I never knew I could love so much. Now that my little one is bigger, the best sound in the world is my two girls giggling at each other. It’s so worth all the hard days.”
A BabyCenter member”

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