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3 Tips for Amazing Family Beach Photos.

These tips will help guide you on having wonderful family photos on one of Maine’s Stunning Beaches.

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If you are anything like me you love the energy of the Maine sea and shoreline. Here are my tips on how to rock your family photos via beach session style! These tips will help you prepare and make your beach session fun, candid successful and prepared. The results will be a fun experience and beautiful images for your home for years to come for generations of your family to enjoy.

1: Sunrise or sunset … The TIME of day is important:

There are two preferred times of day sunrise and sunset. Those times of day not only give beautiful light but also provide fewer people on the beach! A fan favorite is Golden Hour. I start these sessions 45 minutes before the sun sets. These images give a beautiful warm glow in the skyline that reflects off of hair with stunning backlight. The ocean reflects deep blue hues against pink skies. Likewise sunrise gives a similar effect and images. Sunrise also has a secret bonus… little kids are often happier in the morning (adults you may want an extra cup of coffee)

2: Dress with comfortable layers or elegant in flowy clothes.

The number 1 rule for me is to dress in what you feel comfortable in. When you feel comfort it shows in the image. I tend to advise families to stay clear of neon colors or busy patterns and lean more towards earth tones or neutrals. Clients often send me photos of their outfits laid out before the shoot and I can help with suggestions between “this or that” You do not need to go out and buy a new wardrobe. Using what you have is perfect. Layers provide movement, texture and also warmth when little ones may get cold.

3: Have fun and play

The beach provides one of the most natural and stunning landscapes. Maine coastlines not only provide sand and water but also rocky coastlines and beautiful trees. Fair warning you will get sandy and you will get wet. I start with posed photos followed by play time at the beach which provides images of sandy little hands and feet, or wildly fun in the cold waves. These images will be a true reflection of your family and your time here in Maine. It will surely be one of your highlights of the year. I suggest bringing a change of clothes after your session so you can have a warm and cozy ride home, baby powder for getting sand off and blankets and towels to dry off!


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