The Maine Photo Campers Investment for Weddings


Thank you for checking us out! You can find out more information at but while we have you here, here is our information for non-all-inclusive photography services (eg. You already booked another photographer and the campers are available) NOTE: If you are still looking for a photographer reach out to see if we are available to get all of your photos needs to be done in one place, bonus Maine Tinker Photography Clients save over $600 when booking all inclusively.




1967 Franklin Camper (The Original Photo Camper) 16 ft long perfect for all your party needs.

$1650 for Lucy 


portraits, maine tinker photography-89.jpg

1965 Field and Stream Camper  (Lucy’s Hubby) 10 ft long perfect little addition for your party.

  $1450 for Ricky


Our Beloved Family 1962 Shasta This Camper is available for drop off to local campgrounds for family camping rental at $185 a night minimum 4 nights


1951 Ford f 2 8 Foot Bed. Perfect addition to add another pop of color and unique element to your wedding day and photo needs. $350 travel restrictions and additional fees may apply.


Do you want to blow your guests away and give them something they haven’t seen before?

 The Maine Photo Camper is the wow factor you won’t find in any other

photo booth. Get your party started with Maine’s original one and only photo booth camper.

Give them an experience they will always remember. A photo from “Lucy or Ricky” with a

custom logo of your event or your company logo will be a wonderful gift to share with

your guests.

We believe in creating a quality high-end photo booth experience. We have

unique prop sets for Lucy Ricky from antique phones, and cameras to a “Maine” theme, to a

sailor theme, garden theme, etc. As always everything is customizable to be the perfect

accent for your wedding day, for an additional charge. We love hunting for the perfect

props and backdrops for your special event. Due to nature, custom size and

branding of the camper we ask you kindly to leave the backdrop and props up to



(taxes and travel fees may apply)

We require an hour before to set up and about 45 minutes after.

$1650 for Lucy 


  $1450 for Ricky


4hours of Photo shooting includes prints, GIFs & scrapbook album.

The time also includes set up and take down time.



  • Can we hire you for more than 4 hours? Of course! additional hours $250/hour.
  • We want the camper open for 1 hour during cocktail hour and then closed during dinner and

reopen at 8 for dances, can you do this? Once the camper opens for business it remains open, which

means we don’t open, shut down and reopen. Guests love popping in and out throughout your event,

and we are there to work and have a great time with you and your guests.

  • Can you put the camper in one location and then move it to another during our event?   We highly

suggest picking one place for the camper to call home during your event. It is a mobile booth that is attached

to a truck, and that isn’t fun nor time friendly moving and resetting up 🙂

  • What are the prints like and how do we get digitals? Prints are two 2ʺ″x6ʺ″ print strips is provided for each session in the booth. All booth rentals include an online gallery that’s uploaded after the event (usually well within a week). One gallery includes all the full resolution images from all the sessions

and another gallery that contains all the composite display and print images generated

during the event. Additionally, download links for zip files will also be provided after

the event allowing you to download all the images from the two galleries en masse.

  • Will you come the night before to set up so everything is good to go the day of? We totally understand

the different needs of each wedding. If we are available without another event the previous day Please note there may be additional charges (hotel stay, etc.depending on the distance of the venue.) If you want us to do it is is an additional $250 for the day early set up. The camper will be set up and locked so no entry will be available.

  • We love it and we want it will you come to …? Of course, we will! We are a mobile booth which is

awesome. We go out to islands that allow vehicles as well! There is no extra charge if the event is within

45 miles driving distance of Freeport

Maine according to Google Maps. Beyond that, we require a travel fee of $1.50 for each

mile beyond, travel outside of 1.5 hours $50.00 each additional hour of travel. The client is

also responsible for tolls.

  • Our event is all on site will you come at 10 am to be set up early so our guests won’t arrive while you are setting up? Of course. We charge $50 an hour when the camper remains idle. eg. a barn venue with

ceremony at 3 and you want everything set up at 2 and camper to start shooting at cocktail hour at 4.. that is 2 hours of idle time, we would arrive at 1:15 to set up and start charging at 2 once Lucy is set up within that 45-minute time frame.

207- 400- 0603TELEPHONEthemainetinker@gmail.comemail • contact us
207- 400- 0603TELEPHONEthemainetinker@gmail.comemail • contact us
Maine, USA