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The Bogles Take on Ireland | Traveling Pregnant with a Toddler | Maine Photographer

We have been itching to travel. Our last big trip was our amazing honeymoon in Morocco in 2011. But wonderful things in life happened, we bought our super fixer upper home and we had our amazing son! So we thought why don’t we travel to visit family in a known country to us, Ireland! Yes I’m 8 months pregnant and I’m one of those ladies who does look 8 months pregnant so there was no hiding it! I got cleared by my Dr.’s with some strict orders, which I did follow which made the flight much easier. I used compression socks, drank lots of water, kept my trusty Zophran by my side (yes I barf my whole pregnancy with both pregnancies) and to walk every hour. Happy to report I only got sick once on the plane to Ireland and once on the way back, but gracefully made it to the bathroom because we were seated right next to the bathrooms per my request! ? We traveled with the lovely Aer Lingus. Every flight attendant was wonderful and accommodating. Maybe its because we were traveling with our 20 month old. We decided to not buy him a seat, and used the infant lap belt. He loved the whole flight and experience. The Flight attendants told us he was a “Might kid” and he truly was! The flight attendants ended up giving us our own row and moving other people. We kept him busy with an iPad, (yes I believe in screen time on a flight) fun snacks, books and cars. He didn’t sleep though like I thought he would.

Our first stop was in Corofin, Ireland. We decided to try a few nights using airbnb and we were thrilled with our accommodations. I didn’t want to bombard my family with a huge pregnant lady and possibly a sleepy cranky kid. We stayed in a gate keepers cottage, which was super kid friendly they had a cot and high chair ready for us, SCORE! It was ideally located near the Cliffs of Moher, Doolin, Kilmaley, Ennis, and the Burren. Which is where our first stop was to visit family.


4 generations! Ciaran, Rourke and Uncle Mike.IMG_3069_HR

He has never fallen asleep in a high chair, but twice in Ireland! IMG_3075_HR

35x7 lay out 2 picsIMG_3095_HRIMG_3087_HRIMG_3110_HRIMG_3137_HRIMG_3114_HRLil Man had a hard time walking in the wind and was not happy about that!


We then explored more of Clare, and even got a special made Thanksgiving dinner from my wonderful aunt Mary. We arrived late due to the massive amounts of roundabouts but we made it.  We are so blessed to have such a thoughtful family. This was the day I took a nasty fall, straining my knee, with huge cuts and all, worst of all breaking my camera, yes breaking my camera. UGHHH worst nightmare. I’m happy I had a filter on my favorite and most used prime lens but  the focus is stuck from outside damage and my camera dial came off so I rigged it for the rest of the trip. I’m hoping Canon repair services will fix it, Stay tuned! On the positive side I wasn’t holding my son and I put my hands out to protect my lil lady bump.

10IMG_3257_HR11IMG_3613_HRIMG_3216_HRIMG_3617_HRIreland, knows how to celebrate Christmas, Galway had a lovely winter market that was filled with Christmas cheer!

IMG_3210_HR78IMG_3211_HRThen we were off to my favorite place in the world, County Kerry!!!!


Rourke loved the sheep, Conall was trimming a horn of a sheep that it over grew into his jaw. Don’t worry he was helping. IMG_3337_HRIMG_3335_HRIMG_3327_HRIMG_3505_HR

We couldn’t afford to see the real “Santy”  but we found the next best one! The most touching thing happened Uncle Brendan, Aoileann and Monsignor Patrick Fenton are planting a tree in the Diseart (where I studied 2005) garden with a family plaque for my little family. So touching and tears of joy and family pride.IMG_3321_HRIMG_3320_HRIMG_3480_HR2021IMG_3413_HRIMG_3391_HRIMG_3382_HRIMG_3380_HRIMG_3366_HRIMG_3417_HRIMG_3560_HRIMG_3543_HRIMG_3540_HRIMG_3528-Edit-3_HRIMG_3514_HRIMG_3510_HRIMG_3523_HR22IMG_3426_HR1716IMG_3439_HR19181514

Till we meet again. Thank you for your love and support! We feel so blessed having you all in our life. I have always been fascinated by the family history and the thousands of years of history on Ireland. Your hospitality is refreshing and humbling, it makes me want to be a  better person, wife and mother. Can’t wait till  a little piece of Ireland comes to the states in October! A thousand Thanks, Conall, Aioleann, Brendan, Mike, Mary, Katie, Aine, Liam, little Conall, Ciaran and my new favorite irish lady Darnia.

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