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Mother’s Day | A celebration of Motherhood| Freeport, Maine Family Photographer

Mother’s day is a day to recognize mother’s. I look at motherhood through many different lenses , you don’t have to be a “typical mom” to be a mother. Being a mother is  “a woman in relation to her child or children.” Some people have bio babies, non bio babies, fur babies, mothers of their own, mother nature etc. Either way I love this day to celebrate mothers present and past in our lives. We had a fun day mini session blitz filled with beautiful mothers of all ages and kinds popping in the studio and rocking their shots. Even a few ladies went the extra step and got fancy with @Fancifaceme follow her on instagram. To all of you woman, you are amazing and beautiful, thank you for allowing me to capture you with your loved ones to freeze the special moments for years to come.



Are you having a hard time thinking of what to do for mothers day? Here are some fun ideas, and you can always think of a photo gift card for that photo lover mommy in your life! email themainetinker@gmail.com

  1. Create a video I think this app is fun!
  2. Go for a hike if there is no rain.
  3. Go to a garden nursery and have her pick out a few plants to plant as a family.
  4. You can’t go wrong with this handmade jewelry from Watts in Maine, #buylocal
  5. Cooking class
  6. Pottery go local if you can, we love our cousin Rickie’s work see here at Lola Arts 
  7. Kids self portraits (all you need is pencil and paper)
  8. Oils.. I’m a lover of Young Living
  9. A massage or yoga classes (this is what I want shhhh)
  10. Stamped tea towels like seen here!

****Bonus for the mom to be.. gift cert for post pardon support, we love and used Carolyne Falank  ****

Love & Joy



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207- 400- 0603TELEPHONEthemainetinker@gmail.comemail • contact us

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