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Erin & Troy | A Beautiful Backyard Wedding | Freeport , Maine Wedding Photographer

Hip hip hooray our neighbors are married and their photos are up! One thing I love about photography is the community connections I get to create in our hometown. It provides me opportunities to meet new people and photograph milestones in their lives. I was honored to photograph Erin & Troy’s wedding, bonus Erin is a teacher and a crafty lady so we share a lot in common. I know how hard they worked on their home and all of the decor on their wedding day to share with their family and friends on their beautiful wedding day.  Thank you so much for asking me to capture your lovely day, cheers for years to come!

Love & Joy


Photo Booth: The Maine Photo CamperBeauty: Samantha Marceau (makeup) & Kayla Goff (hair)
  1. (there are too many to count)

    * seeing each other for the first time

    *saying our written vows

    * DANCING!!!

    * photo booth camper!!!!

    *escaping to go take photos in the field

  2. We met seven years ago through Match.com. With a like, a wink and a few emails a date was set up in Portland at the Great Lost Bear.
  3. Relax the day of the wedding, make sure to sit back and take it all in together here and there throughout the night; know that it will all work itself out and go well
  4. I would have delegated written plans to people and then have followed up to see if they did it the way it was pictured in my head
  5. During a weekend away in Maine we headed out to go fishing on Tea Pond. As always Troy was hot to trot to get out there at sunrise, fished for some time when he asked me to get a lure. I opened the tackle box to find a lure with a ring attached. 🙂
    Check out their engagement photos with me here.
  6. The most stressful part was things getting done up until the last minute that day and needing to walk away from them to get my hair and makeup done. I absolutely LOVED setting everything up. Decorating the venue was the best part of wedding planning.
  7. Theme of wedding was bringing our home outside to everyone – simple, rustic, modern, farmhouse(wanted to reuse wedding decor in home) All signs were made by Troy & I; the wedding photos were of our families; boat that held H20 was what we got engaged in;
  8. We’re going on one but haven’t planned it yet. 🙂
  9. The entire team were the most down to earth, sweetest, most compassionate people. You were easy to connect to and always made us feel relaxed & comfortable when we were around you. We loved working with each of you! We couldn’t ask for better neighbors.
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