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Maine Tinker Photography is a photography studio based in Maine specializing in family, wedding and lifestyle photography.

Becky & Jeff | An Intimate Seaside Wedding at Stage Neck Inn | York Maine Wedding Photographer

     One of the cool things about being a wedding photographer in Maine is getting the opportunity to capture friends special moments and reconnecting with them. Secondly seeing how each people plan their differently which is a reflection the couples and families.
When Becky reached out to me to photograph their wedding I was thrilled, not only is Becky a bombshell, she is super kind, relaxed, thoughtful and fun, and most of all so is Jeff.. so I knew we were a perfect fit.
                The couple decided to go with an all inclusive wedding package at the beautiful Stage Neck Inn, they wanted to keep things simple and                     easy for their guest and themselves, so they could enjoy the whole day. There were so many thoughtful moments and details during their                wedding, but of course the one that got me chocked up was the way the integrated their daughter in the ceremony. I mean you toss kids                    and grandparents in the mix I get extra weepy 100 % of the time!
              What a beautiful, windy spring day and wedding in May and most of all thank you so much for giving me the honor for photographing                      your day through the eyes of my lens.
Love & Joy
What is your proposal story?

Jeff proposed on Sept 10, 2016. We were having dinner at my parents house, like we do every weekend with my brothers family, but this time my grandparents were visiting too! It seemed like any other family dinner, we were finishing up and my niece Hailey, who was 9 at this time, was getting restless like usual, so Jeff asked her to start the Best and Worst part of your day game. This is typical, we do this almost every weekend too. You go around the table and say the best and worst part of your day. So it’s my turn and say my things, then it’s Jeff’s turn and he starts off with his day and then it’s turning into the best parts of his life, which all is including me making it so wonderful! Then I notice Kalea has her phone pointed at us, and then Jeff is pushing out his chair and getting down on one knee and I’m finally realizing what’s happening! And of course I said yes!

What was your favorite party of wedding planning?

I did not enjoy wedding planning! But, I’m was also in my first year of trying to run my new salon, so I just had way too much on my plate! I knew I wanted Siobhan to be our Photographer because she had done other Friends weddings and family shoots that came out amazing! Then she gave me some guidance on different venues and my wedding officiant! Luckily a lot of the big decisions just fell right into place! My favorite part was having to make a few trips to Maine! I just love Maine!

What was the most important aspect for the two of you for your wedding?

We knew we wanted a destination, weekend wedding if you will, by the ocean! We wanted all our family to be right by our side and all sharing in this bond!

What is your favorite thing about each other

We really say the same thing: We motivate each other to always be better. Better as a person, a partner, a parent, a business owner!

Can you give two tip for couples planning destination weddings to Maine?

Plan for all weather possibilities. It’s New England and more so, it’s Maine, and your weather is not granted! Ever! And I would pick a venue that includes everything, so that you don’t have to try to arrange all kinds of details from afar, and one that has a wedding coordinator on site that can help you with everything! My choice of venue, photographer and officiant made my life incredibly easy in this planning process!


VENUE: Food and Drink: Stage Neck Inn

PHOTOGRAPHY: Maine Tinker Photography

PHOTO BOOTH : The Maine Photo Camper

OFFICIANT:  A Sweet Start

DJ: Fred Pappalardo Disc Jockeys

CAKE: Maryann Kane Cakes

FLOWERS: Village Blooms

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