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Maine Tinker Photography is a photography studio based in Maine specializing in family, wedding and lifestyle photography.

Kristen & Mike | Engaged| Kennebunk Maine Photographer

I met Kristen and Mike last year at the Hardy Farm showcase. When they asked us to photograph their special day we knew it would be a great match. I always look forward to engagement sessions becuase I get one on one time with the couple. We had such a wonderful evening chatting about them as a couple, their wedding day, learning more about their families and their life stories. To top it all off they are super stylish and fun. All of that goodness  makes this photographer extra happy.
Thank you for spending the evening with me and allowing me to capture your engagement photos and most of all congrats!  I’m looking forward to your wedding in a few months at Hardy Farm!


Love & Joy



tips for engagement photos:

1.) Timing: Trust your photographer on best lighting, they know when the ideal time to photograph is. I live to shoot in the evening when schedules allow.

2.) Do you want engagement photos? : A lot of couples don’t want engagement photos, I remember that feeling as well when I got married. But now I have a different lens on the whole engagement photo idea, it gives you time to connect with your photographer along with being a great practice round for your wedding day. 1 thing is for sure, I know it has settled all of my clients nerves about being in front of the camera on their big day.

3.) Be you: It gives you an opportunity to be you.. you get to pick outfits that reflect you, locations that are more your jam (outdoors, beach, urban, home etc.)

4.) Trust: Have fun and not only trust your photographer, but trust your self and your partner. It will fly by!

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