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5 tips on how to take great Halloween Photos | Freeport Maine Family Photographer

Halloween is fun, spooky and super exciting for little kids. They get to dress up as their heroes, and their parents actually encourage them to fill a bucket with candy-cue the wide eyes and adorable smiles. Here are five tips-plus an added bonus tip-to capture those moments in all their glory! These photos are from last year, I can’t wait to try to do all 5 tips this year as the kids get older!

1.) Grab the Light: Get the kids outside in the daylight before it gets dark to get a clear shot of their costumes. (Also good to document the costumes before you inevitably lose a wing or break a sword!)



2.) Capture the Season: Grab a shot with the kids and a pumpkin or something else unmistakably Halloween to add to the mood.



3.) Get in There: Don’t forget to get a shot of yourself (the parents) with the children all dressed up. You’ll love looking back at the fun the whole family had that


4.) Action Shots: Take some candid, in-the-moment photos while out trick-or-treating. This is where you’ll capture their excitement about all the candy and the fun of being out with their friends! (It’s ok if these shots are dark-it will add to the spooky factor!)



5.)End of the Night Reveal: Grab a shot at the end of the night when their treat bag is full and they’re proud of their haul. Their smiles will show how much fun they had! I WILL DO THIS THIS YEAR!!! Here was the best shot from last year becuase they fell asleep on the ride home 🙂




Bonus Tip! Act the Part: If your child is dressed as a lion, ask them to give you a roar. Are they a teapot? Assume spout and handle position! Have them really get into their character and you’ll be sure to catch some super fun shots!

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