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Lifestyle Twin Newborn session| Double the Joy| | Portland Maine Family Photographer

I am so pleased to announce I finally got to meet these two sweet peas C & E TWINS!!!!  For my first twin newborn session I couldn’t  of gotten an better brother and sister duo to photograph. C & E are just about as sweet as they come and so are their adoring parents. I personally love lifestyle sessions and I think it made it slightly easier for a new family of 4, I imagine packing two newborns into the car is no easy feat.

I’m so looking forward for the years to come to see this sweet duo grow and learn together, after all two heads together are better than on! Congrats Kateri,  Adam and Goose  wishing you nothing but the best and some extra naps!  You both are amazing parents and I loved seeing you both going through the notions perfectly with two newborns, you both amaze me. I loved seeing Kateri’s adoring love at both babies making sure each was taken care of equally and Adams attention to both but most of all you Kateri.

Love & Joy



P.S. extra fun fact my husband made the nursery wood wall. 

this is a fun DIY tutorial on a plank wood wall. Geoff used a different method but I thought this one was fairly easy to follow and or hire Geoff so you don’t have to worry about it 🙂 From The House of Smiths 

“we  purchased about 4 sheets of the 4×8 paint-ready utility plywood and had Lowe’s cut them into 6 inch strips, length wise. We paid about $3.00 extra to have all the cuts made for us but it was WELL worth it! After we brought them home we quickly sanded down the edges where there were any splinters or rough spots from the cuts.

Then, really, the only thing we needed was a nail gun, finishing nails, a level and 2 nickles.
Because our ceiling (like most peoples, actually) isn’t level, we made sure the first board was completely straight and level with the wall, leaving a bit of an uneven gap along the top, that later we would simply fill in with white caulk. It’s important that your FIRST board is level, because if not, then your whole wall may appear lopsided or crooked in the end.
Once that first board was up, everything moved pretty quickly. We wanted our boards to be more uniform and evenly spaced apart, verses scattered. To ensure that we had the same space between each board we used a couple of nickles as guides and wedged them into the empty space, before we nailed up the next plank. It worked like a charm!”
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